Master of Social Sciences
(Nonprofit Management)

The Programme has provided scholarships to high caliber applicants with half/full fee and/or living expense support.

Simatelex Charitable Foundation Scholarship in Nonprofit Management

The Scholarship aims to train and nurture professionals in nonprofit organisations to take on leadership roles to create public good. It will be awarded annually to academically outstanding and leadership competency student(s) studying in the MSocSc (NPM) programme. The selected Scholarship holder will receive a grant which shall be equivalent to the composition fee on admission of the programme.

Madam Lo Ng Kiu Ying Anita Memorial Scholarships in Nonprofit Management

The Scholarship shall be awarded to student(s) studying in the MSocSc (NPM) programme, on the basis of academic merits and leadership qualities. The scholarship recipient(s) should have successfully complete the curriculum within the normative study period (i.e. one year) and his/her academic results should attain an average of Grade B+ or above.

Application Procedure

Applicants who want to apply for the scholarships shall need to

  • complete an application form with your portfolio of previous work and volunteering experience in nonprofit sector, your vision of study and your potential contribution in nonprofit development in your country; and
  • produce a video of not more than 3 minutes to introduce yourself and how you would integrate learning into your organisational and your domestic social-demographic contexts.
  • send your application form and supporting documents to on or before March 1, 2020.