Master of Social Sciences
(Nonprofit Management)

Before studying in Master of Social Sciences in Nonprofit Management degree, I did not have any working experience related to the nonprofit sector. This course is very fruitful to enrich and equip myself for my future career. It does not only provide an overall picture of this sector in the Hong Kong context, but also discusses Greater China, Taiwan and the U.S. through case studies and examples. Also, we can learn about current trends of philanthropy through classes and interaction with professors and experienced classmates. Moreover, we can understand how to manage a nonprofit organization strategically from a financial perspective, including performance measurement, assessment and program evaluation. Apart from the hard skills (e.g. research, analytical and interview skills), I also improved my soft skills, such as teamwork, leadership, problem solving and communication. Ultimately, I hope that I can utilize what I have learnt to create more social impacts for the society in the future.

Miss Lo Ming Ki Maggie | Student of 2017-18 MSocSc (NPM) programme

The academic year 2017-2018 was an amazing journey to me. I enjoyed both theoretical and practical courses that I learned in this programme. Throughout this one-year of study, I equipped myself to excel in nonprofit management careers. I have mastered cutting-edge of nonprofit management knowledge, such as current issues in policy, financial planning, and strategic problem-solving skills. Through on-campus learning with professors, online tutorials with classmates, and collaborative and independent coursework, it enabled my dynamic interaction around course content. In addition, the programme also regularly invited high-profile experienced market leaders from China and overseas as guest lecturers that brought us current social issues, new insights and innovative ideas all over the world. It deepened my knowledge and practice competence through their experience sharing. Though the programme was intensive, the programme has covered extensive knowledge in management, capacity enhancement as well as effective leadership within one academic year. I learned how to think out of the box and I loved to share my observation to my class. I look forward to bring out my knowledge into practice and become a change maker in the society.

Miss Chai Beichen | Student of 2017-18 MSocSc (NPM) programme

I had worked for an international nonprofit organization as the fundraising officer for more than seven years in the Mainland China and Hong Kong offices. Studying the MSocSc (NPM) programme was a fruitful journey which has not only opened my eyes to the global development in the nonprofit sector but also helped me to identify and learn the knowledge gap in the field of social sciences on top of my engineering education background. The comprehensive and rigorous curriculum balanced the local need with regional complexity while considering global trends and knowledge in social, political and economic dimensions. It prepared me to integrate knowledge into practice and action.

Ms Wang Peibei | Student of 2017-18 MSocSc (NPM) programme