Fellowships and Awards


The fellowships scheme is introduced by the HKSAR Government with the aim to attract meritorious local students to pursue further studies in priority areas contributive for the strategic development of Hong Kong. Administered under the University Grants Committee (UGC), the fellowship places have been allocated for Master of Social Work in The University of Hong Kong in the 2020/21 academic year.


Local students who are admitted to the Master of Social Work in full-time and part-time study mode will be invited to submit applications for the fellowships. To avoid double subsidy, students who are receiving other forms of government scholarships (except student financial assistance) for pursuing the same programme are not eligible to apply.


20 fellowships will be awarded. The fellowship students are required to pay a minimum tuition fee of HK$42,100, which is the prevailing rate of the UGC-funded programmes, and the differences will be subsidized by the fellowships subject to a cap of HK$120,000 for each student regardless of the actual study period of the programme.

Criteria Assessment

The award of the fellowship will be based on a number of assessment criteria including academic excellence, other relevant performance (e.g. specific academic and professional qualifications attained, language proficiency, work experience, references, sponsorship, interview result, and personal statement) and the proposal submitted by students on how they can contribute to the priority area (i.e. promoting good health) of Hong Kong after completing the programme.

Programme Priority Area
Master of Social Work (Full-time and Part-time) Health

Selection Schedule

April to June 2020 Accept the admission offer. You will be invited to apply for the TPg Fellowship if you fulfill the criteria.
30 June 2020 Submit online application for the TPg Fellowship including a personal statement stating how you can contribute to the priority areas (i.e. promoting good health) of Hong Kong after completing MSW programme.
July 2020 Receive decision on fellowship application even successful or not.
September 2020 Receive reimbursement of fellowship amount


Eligible applicants who are admitted to the Master of Social Work in full-time and part-time mode Applicant interested for this scheme is required to fill in an online application form at https://hku.au1.qualtrics.com/jfe/preview/SV_7QmLa2XcjOKfAPj?Q_CHL=preview on / before July 6, 2020

For more details on the Fellowships, please refer to UGC’s website.

Madam Lo Ng Kiu Ying Anita Memorial Prize

The prize is awarded to final-year students who have achieved a grad of Distinction in their placement.

Jean Robertson Memorial Book Prize

The book prize is awarded to a final-year student who has achieved the best overall performance and shown the most promise as a potential social worker.