Master of Social Work

Curriculum Structure

We offer both two-year full-time and three-year part-time study options. All students need to complete the foundation core curriculum, the advanced concentration curriculum, and the 1000 hours field education. The foundation core curriculum comprises of ten compulsory courses. The advanced concentration curriculum comprises of two concentration core courses and two elective course. The field education comprises of 100 hours of pre-placement workshop, a foundation field placement, and an advanced field placement.

We have five concentrations in our advanced concentration curriculum. Students are required to declare their concentrations before they enter into the advanced concentration curriculum:

Elective Courses
SOWK6022 Emotion-focused interventions: theory and practice
SOWK6025 Family social work
SOWK6056 Special Topic: Corporate Governance and Leadership for future leaders in social service
SOWK6057 Special Topic In Counselling I: Mental Health Recovery (A Clinical Perspective)
SOWK6062 The Satir model and family reconstruction
SOWK6084 Intervention in health care settings
SOWK6127 Cognitive-behavioral interventions
SOWK6136 Adventure-based counseling: theory and practice
SOWK6156 Financial planning and management for social service organisations
SOWK6164 Counselling in educational setting
SOWK6185 Qualitative research methods
SOWK6193 Social gerontology
SOWK6201 Mental health problems in old age
SOWK6206 Play Therapy
SOWK6207 Social policy and ageing
SOWK6214 Children and youth mental health
SOWK6217 Current social welfare policy issues
SOWK6237 Use of creative arts in social work practice
SOWK6252 Conflict resolution and mediation
SOWK6259 Contemporary perspectives on death, dying and bereavement
SOWK6261 Social work in school settings
SOWK6263 Quantitative research methods and statistical analysis
SOWK6274 Theories and practices of positive psychology and strength-based interventions
SOWK6282 Social work intervention with the elderly
SOWK6283 Social work with persons with mental illness
SOWK6285 Advanced social work practice with children and youth
SOWK6289 Organisational analysis and strategic organisational management
SOWK6290 Social innovation and enterprise
SOWK6293 Evidence-based programmes in global ageing contexts (intensive course)
SOWK6295 Working with couples
SOWK6310 Psychosocial approaches in mental health care
SOWK6313 Knowledge and Intervention for SEN children
SOWK6329 Assessment in mental health: A bio-psychosocial approach
SOWK6332 Principles of Drama Therapy
Field Placement
SOWK6225 Field placement I
SOWK6231 Field placement II
SOWK6300 Pre-placement workshop
SOWK6021 Dissertation