Master of Social Work

Social work is a value-driven profession that emphasizes professional competence and social mission. There's no better way to accentuate this knowledge-value integration than to practise it in a real service setting! My placement has inspired me deeply in the needs of our service users, the role of social work within the healthcare setting, the chance to collaborate with other professionals, and the importance of ethical reflection. I'm truly grateful for the whole MSW experience, which allows me to grow into a competent social worker, as well as a humble person to serve.

Tam Michelle Yi Jun | MSW Part Time Graduation 2018 | Placement

As a foreigner undertaking the MSW part-time concurrent placement in Hong Kong, I was concerned about the availability of English-speaking placement opportunities and the quality of my practical learning experience. Hence, I was incredibly pleased when I was placed at the Nesbitt Centre for Adults with Learning Disabilities. Not only was I able to practise in a language that I was comfortable with, but the onsite real-world experience, excellent mentorship and supervision provided by the HKU fieldwork supervisor and support and guidance provided by the placement agency staff truly also made my placement fruitful. I was able to put theory into practice and experience the true challenges and meaningfulness of working with adults with learning disabilities, whilst also acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills needed to work with this group of target beneficiaries.

AMBROSE Martina Rehnu | MSW Part Time Graduation 2016 | Placement

I joined the overseas placement programme of HKU last year. The overseas placement in Taiwan was a great and memorial experience for me. My agency supervisor and colleagues were very helpful and knowledgeable. They taught me a lot about foster care. Their congruence and passion gave me a lot of insight. Also, I have developed great relationship with my supervisors, colleagues, and clients. As I lived in the National Taiwan University, I could enjoy the university life. I met many new friends and ate lots of delicious food in Taiwan. I have gained 10 lbs. after the placement. It was such a fruitful and wonderful experience!

Wong Kei Shing, Lucas | MSW Part Time Graduation 2016 | International experience

I chose to study MSW at HKU because of its versatile curriculum. During our training, I was given opportunities to be exposed to various approaches such as cognitive behaviour therapy and adventure based counselling. Such exposure has broadened my horizon and sharpened my social work skills, preparing me to be an all-rounded social worker. Furthermore, declaring the concentration of "children and youth" has allowed me to achieve an in-depth understanding of the current youth policies and practices. The MSW journey was challenging yet fruitful and I thoroughly enjoyed it

Mak Wai To, Michael | MSW Full Time Graduation 2017 | Skills Training

I gained much more than just professional social work training from the MSW programme in HKU. I met great teachers who concern not only knowledge but also my personal growth. They guided us through the journey of self-actualization and enabled me to practise professionally with up-to-date knowledge and with the use of self as an agent of change. I met great friends here and we accompanied each other in the process of self-discovery, which enabled us to get connected on a deep level. These teachers and classmates are all now my fighting partners in life who are always willing to provide me with unfailing support during times of difficulties.

Kwok Tsz Shun | MSW Full Time Graduate 2013 | Teacher-student relationship

Choosing "Family Social Work" as my concentration in the curriculum is a special experience in my MSW study. It helps me to be more focused in my study. The concentration core courses are well-designed and meet my need. By taking selected family-related course, I am equipped with basic theory, knowledge, and skills in this area, so that I can make systematical and in-depth analysis, and think beyond the presenting issue. All these help me to be more prepared for my future work.

Lu Tingxuan | MSW Full Time current student | Concentration

Diversity, flexibility, and creativity are the elements I found in the MSW programme at HKU. In the dynamic social service sector, I work on cross-sector collaborations with government, professional associations, business corporations, and academics. The MSW curriculum provides a variety of training from clinical skills to organization management, finance, and policy that can build my capacity to serve in diverse platforms such as direct service settings, policy advocacy, charities & foundations, and social enterprises. I enjoy the programme very much as it allows students to pave their own way in professional development.

Chan Yun Shan Fion | MSW Full Time Graduate 2016 | Job

Hello! I am now working in SWD. Tons of challenges in casework there. The MSW courses equipped me with knowledge in case formulation and skills in counselling. It also reminded me to understand clients in a humanistic way, though social workers often experience limitations in their roles and challenges from clients. Every learning opportunity in fieldwork placements is valuable! It is a chance to let us turn knowledge into practice and raise our motivation in learning. The fieldwork placements have really strengthened my will and broken through my limits as a part-time student when I had to attend to my full-time job, coursework, and fieldwork placements at the same time. I hope you can be determined to move forward towards your goal in MSW.

Tsang Ka Po | MSW Part Time Graduate 2016 | Job