Ageing Research Cluster


The SWSA researchers have been leading the development of elderly services in Hong Kong since 1990s. Our researchers led the development of the long term care assessment instrument in Hong Kong. We also contributed to the development of the long term care voucher and care allowance for older frail older people. Currently, Professor Terry Lum, Dr. Vivian Lou, and Dr. Gloria Wong are leading an effort to enhance the long term care infrastructure of Hong Kong. Dr. Ernest Chui are helping the HKSAR Government to develop its Elderly Services Program Plan. Professor Lum and Dr. Wong are working with the Hong Kong Housing Society to develop its aging-in-place program for frail elders living in low income public housing estates. Prof Lum and Dr. Lou are working with the District Councils and community stakeholders to make the Central and Western District and the Wanchai District more age friendly. Professor Lum and Dr. Gloria Wong are leading the GrandMove program to promote Elders' Robustness against Frailty. Dr. Gloria Wong is leading the implantation of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy in Hong Kong and evaluating the project Sunrise - a new district-based community shared care model for older people with dementia. Professor Cecilia Chan and Dr. Amy Chow are leading an effort to enhance the end-of-life care in Hong Kong.

Dr. Vivian Lou is leading a research centre on gerontology, namely Sau Po Centre on Ageing to enhance the quality-of-life of older people in China, overseas Chinese societies and in the Asian Pacific region through research, education and knowledge exchange activities. The joint effort of our interdisciplinary team and our collaborators has been contributing to the well-being empowerment of the older population. The Centre's consultancy work has been shaping the development of long term care policies in Hong Kong since 2000s. It is well placed to connect the mainland China to the global world on the development of gerontological research and knowledge transfer. The Centre is also honored to serve as the hub of Hong Kong interRAI team to apply local RAI data to understand the elder care and mental health services in Hong Kong. To guide research studies to development direction, several strategic research focuses are identified by theme and by population:-

Sau Po Centre on Ageing:
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  • Long-term care
  • Age-friendly city
  • Ageing-in-place
  • Meaningful ageing
  • Active and healthy ageing
  • Social determinants of well-being
  • People with dementia
  • People with stroke
  • People in end stage of life
  • Aged people with lifetime disabilities
  • Family caregivers
  • Volunteers

Externally funded research projects in the last five years

Topic PI/ Co-Investigator Funding sources Award Period
Hong Kong Jockey Club Age Friendly City Project: Central & Western District and Wanchai District PI: Professor Terry Lum the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust HK$4,500,000 2015-2019
Three-year project on enhancement of the infrastructure of long-term care in Hong Kong PI: Professor Terry Lum Social Welfare Department of Hong Kong SAR Government HK$24,676,000 2013 – 2017
GrandMove Project to Promote Elders' Robustness against Frailty PI: Professor Terry Lum, co-PI: Dr. Gloria Wong the Simon KY Lee Foundation HK$5,292,622 2015-2018
We-Rise Project: A Two-Tier Care Management program to Empower Stroke Caregivers in Hong Kong Project Director: Dr. Vivian Lou; Co-Project Directors: Prof. Terry Lum, Dr. Jennifer Tang Lee Hysan Foundation HK$4,880,189 2016-2019
An Evaluation Study on Intergeneration Initiatives PI: Dr. Vivian Lou Aberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association HK$675,000 2016-2019
Building an Age-friendly Community in a Chinese City – An Academic Community Partnership Initiative「中國城市老年友好型社區:社區實證初探」研究 PI: Dr. Vivian Lou Zhengyang Social Worker Panyu, Guangzhou HK$692,868 2016-2017

Significant publications in recent 5 years

    • Tang J. Y. M.#, Wong G. H. Y. , Ng C. K. M., Kwok D. T. S., Lee M. N. Y., Dai, D. L. K., & Lum T.Y.S. (2016). Neuropsychological Profile and Dementia Symptom Recognition in Help-Seekers in a Community Early-Detection Program in Hong Kong. Journal of American Geriatric Society, 64(3) 584-589.
    • Luo H., Lum T., Wong G. H. Y., Kwan J. S. K., Tang J. Y. M., Chi I. (2015). Predicting Adverse Health Outcomes in Nursing Homes: A 9-Year Longitudinal Study and Validation of the Frail-NH Quick Screening Tool Using Minimum Data Set. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association 16(12), 1042-1047.
    • Lum, T. Y., Lou, V. W. Q., Chen, Y. Y.*, Wong, G. H. Y.#, Luo, H.*, & Tong, T. L. (2014). Neighborhood support and aging in place preference among low-income elder Chinese city-dwellers. Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences.
    • Choy, J. C., & Lou, V. W. (2016). Effectiveness of the Modified Instrumental Reminiscence Intervention on Psychological Well-Being Among Community-Dwelling Chinese Older Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial. The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 24(1), 60-69.
    • Lou, V. W., Au, J. W. N., & Choy, J. C. P. (2015). Enhancing homework adherence of Chinese older adults: A case study using Instrumental Reminiscence Intervention. Geriatrics & Gerontology International. doi:10.1111/ggi.12595View
    • Lou, V. W., & Choy, J. C. (2014). Factorial structure and psychometric properties of a brief version of the Reminiscence Functions Scale with Chinese older adults. Aging & Mental Health, 18(4), 531-536. doi: 10.1080/13607863.2013.860423
    • Chow, A.Y.M. (2013). Developing emotional competence of social workers of end-of-life and Bereavement Care. The British Journal of Social Work. v. 43 n. 2, p. 373-393. doi:

Cluster members

Member Specialties
Prof. Terry Lum Prof. Terry Lum
Mental health policy, mental health economics and geriatric mental health Read More
Prof. Cecilia Chan Prof. Cecilia Chan
Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit Social Work (IBMS), empowerment interventions, self-help groups, advocacy and macro practice Read More
Dr. Amy Chow Dr. Amy Chow
Associate Professor
Bereavement Care (Individual and Group; natural and traumatic death, including suicide), End-of-Life Care, Psychosocial Intervention for persons with Dementia, Life and death education for persons with intellectual disabilities, Health Social Work, Emotional competence of social workers Read More
Dr. Vivian Lou Dr. Vivian Lou
Associate Professor
family caregiving, active aging, and their health impacts. Read More
Dr. Ernest Chui Dr. Ernest Chui
Associate Professor
social work education, social policy, elderly welfare, urban development, housing, and community work Read More
Dr. Gloria Wong Dr. Gloria Wong
Assistant Professor
Dementia, psychosis and geriatric mental health Read More