Arts Therapy and Alternative Approaches in Human Services


In the recent decades, the use of arts and alternative interventions in human services flourish, with its effectiveness being documented in the literature of social work, psychology, behavioral health, rehabilitation, arts, and education. This research cluster investigates, integrates and applies multi-disciplinary knowledge, theories, and skills in human services. It aims to encourage the development of alternative psychosocial and spiritual interventions for enhancing holistic wellbeing in the community. The team involves academic and clinical professionals from a diversified training background to actualize the following visions:

1. Fostering multidisciplinary research in various psychological and social-spiritual interventions in human services

2. Integrating cutting-edge research evidence with theories and skills for promoting evidence-based and strength-based practices in human services

3. Developing and educating students' research mindset and professional practice in the fields of social work and healthcare with both existing and most updated academic resources

4. Encouraging knowledge transfer and exchange activities among academics, practitioners, and community partners

Cluster members

Prof. HO T.H. Rainbow Prof. HO T.H. Rainbow
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Dr. Huang Yu-Te Dr. HUANG Yu-Te
Assistant Professor
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Dr. Wong P.Y. Venus Dr. WONG P.Y. Venus
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Dr. WONG W.C. Paul Dr. WONG W.C. Paul
Associate Professor
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Ms. Julia Byrne Ms. Julia Byrne
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