Mental Health Cluster

The members of mental health research cluster at SWSA composes of social workers, occupational therapist, clinical psychologists, psychologists, psychiatrist, economist, and statistician. We strive to improve our understanding of the conditions for mental wellness and care for people with mental disorders through our impactful research, teaching, and knowledge exchange activities. Over the last five years, collectively, our cluster members have obtained over HK$100 million dollars external funding and published more than 400 peer reviewed research papers and book chapters. Our members also teach undergraduate and graduate level courses in mental health. The members of mental health cluster represent colleagues who are primarily working in the field of mental health albeit there are other colleagues in the Department whose research are related to mental health and wellbeing such as bereavement, family violence.

Should you have any inquries, please contact Professor Samson Tse (Group Convenor) at or 39171071

The Themes of Our Research Include:

The Themes of Our Research

Externally funded research projects in the last five years (Jan 2012 - Dec 2016)

Topic Principal Investigator (PI) Funding source Award Period
1. Evaluation of the Project "Career Empowerment Platform for People of Differences" PI: Dr. Siu Man Ng Lee Hysan Foundation / DiD HK Limited (HK$75,000) 2016 – 2020
2. Hong Kong Jockey Club Holistic Support Programme on Mental Health for Older People Co-PIs: Prof. Terry Lum and Dr. Gloria Wong Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust (HK$87.61 million) 2016 – 2019
3. Project Bridge: 5-Step Method for Promoting the Wellbeing of the Family Members of Substance Abusers and for Motivating Hidden Substance Abusers to Seek Treatment Co-PIs: Prof. Samson Tse and Mr. Ka-Wo Tse; Co-I: Dr. Paul Wong Beat Drugs Fund Association
(HK$1.73 million)
2016 – 2018
4. Combining Professional and Expert-by-experience Knowledge in the Search for Personal Recovery from Bipolar Disorder: A Collaborative and Interpretive Inquiry PI: Prof. Samson Tse General Research Fund
2016 – 2017
5. Evaluating the Effectiveness of A Culturally-attuned Cognitive-behaviour Therapy for Chinese Adolescents with Anxiety Problems in School Settings in Hong Kong: A Randomised Control Design PI: Prof. Daniel Wong General Research Fund
6. The Development of an Integrated Assessment Tool, Treatment Protocol and Training for Social Workers by Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Young Hidden Drug Abusers and Youth with Drug-related Offence PI: Prof. Daniel Wong Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups – Beat Drug Fund, Hong Kong
7. One-year Training on Integrated Cognitive-behaviour Intervention for Social Workers Working with Youth Drug Abusers PI: Prof. Daniel Wong Beat Drugs Fund Association
8. Research Study on Dementia Care Mapping and Person-Centred Care in Residential Care Homes for the Elderly PI: Dr. Gloria Wong Hong Kong Society for the Aged (SAGE) (HK$240,965) 2016
9. Social Inclusion: Ethnicity – Positive Youth Development for Ethnic Minority Youth in Hong Kong PI: Dr. Paul Wong Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust (HK$3.4 million) 2016
10. Evaluation Study of "Youth Outreach Jockey Club: Youth Cultural Front Line" PI: Dr. Paul Wong Youth Outreach
11. Community In-alliance for Recovery: Challenging Mental Health Stigma in Rural China Co-PI: Dr. Maosheng Ran Pennsylvania-China Research and Engagement Fund, The University of Pennsylvania
2015 – 2018
12. Research on Project Sunrise: A District-based Community Shared-care Model for Dementia in the Age-friendly Community in Tsuen Wan PI: Dr. Gloria Wong Hong Kong Alzheimer's Disease Association (HKADA)
2015 – 2018
13. A Quality Thematic Network for Promoting Positive Wellbeing among School Children in Hong Kong PI: Prof. Paul Yip (HK$6 million) 2015 – 2017
14. Evaluating Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Carers with Adult Children with Intellectual and Psychiatric Disabilities in Hong Kong PI: Prof. Daniel Wong Mental Health Association of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
15. Group Therapy for Chinese Medicine Stagnation Syndrome – A Randomized Controlled Trial PI: Dr. Siu Man Ng General Research Fund
2014 – 2016
16. Evaluating the Effectiveness of An Integrated Cognitive-behavioural Model for People with Problem Gambling in Hong Kong: A Randomized Waitlist Control Design PI: Prof. Daniel Wong General Research Fund
17. A Study of an Emotional Coaching Program (ECP) for Children and Adolescent with Anxiety Features – Using Protective Factors to Enhance Positive Changes PI: Prof. Daniel Wong Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Hong Kong (HK$350,000) 2014
18. Knowledge of and Attitudes Toward Mental Illness, and Mental Health Status of the Working Population in Hong Kong Co-PIs: Dr. Paul Wong and Prof. Samson Tse Joyful (Mental Health) Foundation (HK$117,648) 2014
19. Survey of Carers' Quality of Life cum an Evaluation Study on Cognitive-behavioural Therapy for Carers with Relative Suffering from Mental Illness PI: Prof. Daniel Wong Baptist Oi Kwan Social Services, Hong Kong
20. Evaluating Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Youth at Risk in Hong Kong PI: Prof. Daniel Wong Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, Hong Kong
21. Evaluating Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Carers with School-aged Children with ADHD in Hong Kong PI: Prof. Daniel Wong Lutheran Social Services of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
22. A Survey on Understanding Anxieties of Children between Primary 1 to Primary 3 – A Growth Perspective PI: Prof. Daniel Wong Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Hong Kong (HK$100,000) 2013
23. Understanding Aborted Suicide Attempts: A Mixed-Methods Approach PI: Dr. Paul Wong General Research Fund
2012 – 2015
24. A Service Research and Development Plan for Lok Hong Integrated Community Centre for Mental Wellness, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals PI: Dr. Siu Man Ng Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
2012 – 2014
25. A Recovery-focused Study for Individuals Experiencing Bipolar Disorder: Comparison with A Matched Group Recovering from Schizophrenia PI: Prof. Samson Tse General Research Fund
2012 – 2014
26. A Study Employment and Suicide PI: Prof Paul Yip Research Grants Council
2012 – 2013
27. A Study on Mutual Causation of Media Reporting and Suicide PI: Prof Paul Yip Public Policy Research
2012 - 2013
28. Mental Health Status in the Pacific Region PI: Dr. Maosheng Ran World Health Organization
2012 – 2013
29. Evaluation of Radio-I-Care, the Web-based Radio Program to Promote Mental Health and Reduce Stigma for People with Mental Disorder PI: Prof. Samson Tse Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
2012 – 2013
30. Studies on Evidence-based Practices for Integrated Community Centres of Mental Wellness (ICCMWs) PI: Prof. Daniel Wong Mental Health Association of Hong Kong (HK$1.2 million) 2012
31. Developing Active Interests before Retirement for Better Well-being after Retirement – A Senior Mentorship Scheme (Main Study) PI: Dr. Siuman Ng Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust (HK$1.12 million) 2011 – 2013
32. Gambling Among Older Singaporeans Co-PIs: Prof. Samson Tse and Dr. Song-Iee Hong Ministry of Social and Family Development, Singapore
(HK$2.86 million)
2011 – 2013
33. Effect of Qigong on Person with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Psychosocial and Physiological Impacts (Salivary Cortisol and Telomerase Activity) PI: Dr. Siu Man Ng Integrative Medicine, Hong Kong Hospital Authority
2011 – 2012
34. A Study on Enhancing Mental Health Well-being of Secondary Students via Web 2.0 Little Prince is Depressed PI: Prof Paul Yip Quality Education Fund
(HK$8 million)
2006 – 2012

Significant publications in recent 5 years (Jan 2012 - Dec 2016)

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Cluster members

Member Training Specialties
Prof. Lum Y.S. Terry Prof. Lum Y.S. Terry
Economist, Social worker Mental health policy, mental health economics and geriatric mental health Read More
Prof. Tse, S.K. Samson Prof. Tse, S.K. Samson
Occupational Therapist, Health Psychologist Bipolar disorders, problem gambling and recovery oriented interventions Read More
Prof. Wong, F.K. Daniel Prof. Wong, F.K. Daniel
Social Worker, Clinical Psychologist Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), prevention and intervention in mental health, migration and mental health Read More
Prof. Yip, S.F. Paul Prof. Yip, S.F. Paul
Statistician, Population Health Researcher Suicide prevention, population health and programme evaluation Read More
Dr. Ng, Siu Man Dr. Ng, Siu Man
Associate Professor
Mental Health Social Worker, Chinese Medicine Practitioner Culture and mental health, mindfulness and spirituality, impacts of psychosocial factors on course of schizophrenia. Read More
Dr. Ran, Maosheng Dr. Ran, Maosheng
Associate Professor
Social Psychiatrist, Epidemiologist Social development and mental health, community mental health and psychosocial intervention Read More
Dr. Wong, W.C. Paul Dr. Wong, W.C. Paul
Associate Professor
Clinical Psychologist Suicidal behavior, youth positive development, and human-animal interactions Read More
Dr. Wong, H.Y. Gloria Dr. Wong, H.Y. Gloria
Assistant Professor
Psychologist Dementia, psychosis and geriatric mental health Read More