My social work practices and philanthropy studies granted me a widened perspective in teaching and research.

My major research and teaching interest focuses on Greater China region to generate knowledge and capacity for the nonprofit, the government and the corporate sectors. In years of philanthropic engagements with all societal sectors, I paid special attention to non-profit organizations’ efforts in resolving problems in the era of rural-urban development dichotomy as well as the good governance of the nonprofits. I have served as deputy program director for HKU EXCEL 3 Project during 2015-2018 to facilitate capacity building on entrepreneurship and leadership for the third sector. Additionally I am active in a wide range of knowledge exchange, consulting with diverse organizations including international developmental agencies and in Greater China region.

I am active in educational reforms to generate bigger social impacts. I engaged in teaching innovations since 1998 when first working in HKU’s MSW problem-based learning mode. Later on, I developed philanthropy education curriculum for the undergraduates in Shantou University during 2010-14, and the flip-classroom approach in HKU’s postgraduate nonprofit management programme since 2015. I also launched online courses for the mainland China’s non-profit professionals since 2017.

Before joining the HKU, I worked in Li Ka Shing Foundation for global impact philanthropy, Hong Kong Women’s Federation of Women Centres and Centre for Women’s Studies in Shantou University for gender-based research and empowerment. I started my social work career in Hong Kong’s community services for the underprivileged population in the 1990s.

I believes that social work education is the driver to develop knowledge for social change and support evidence-based practice, and to promote the values of justice and equality.

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  • E: ychanb@hku.hk
  • T: (852)
  • Position: Senior Lecturer

Peer Reviewer, Asia-Pacific Journal of Social Work and Development (Since 2017)
Adjunct Professor, China Global Philanthropy Institute (Since 2017)
Advisor, Hong Kong Shared Good Values, WooFoo Social Enterprise (Since 2017)
Hon. Consultant, NGO Governance Platform Project, Hong Kong Council of Social Service (Since 2017)
Specialist, Strategies of Involving Social Organizations in Social Assistance, Asian Development Bank (2017-2019)
Principal Advisor, Shenzhen Corporate Social Responsibility Innovation Development Centre (Since 2017)
Keynote Speaker, American Express Leadership Academy by Common Purpose (Since 2016)
Adjunct Professor, School of Social Policy and Social Development, Beijing Normal University (2015-2019)
Mentor, International Mentorship Program, The Network for Social Work Manager (USA)(2018-2019)
Member, Programme Committee, Save the Children Hong Kong (2016-2018)
Panelist, Top 10 Shining Projects Panel, St. Jame’s Settlement (2015-2017)
Member, Ministry of Civil Affairs PRC--National Technical Committee on Social Work Service Standards (2013)
Council Member, Advisory Council on AIDs, Hong Kong SAR Government (2003-2008)
Council Member, Equal Opportunities Commission, Hong Kong SAR (2003-2005)
Member, Social Development and Quality of Life Committee, Strategic Development Commission, Hong Kong SAR Government (2006-2008)
Part Time Member, Central Policy Unit, Hong Kong SAR Government (2002-2003)